Tax Law

Blake Law Group P.C., represents many taxpayers who have tax problems and unfiled federal and/or state tax returns for many years.  Sometimes, there are unusual or even catastrophic events that occur in one’s life.  For many reasons, those events can cause person not to file tax returns.  Unfortunately, not filing a return can exasperate the anxiety and pressure an individual may be experiencing.

tax returnsTypically, we have clients who have experienced tax problems that result in collection activities, including related to closing a business.  Immediately, when that threat is made we work with the taxpayer to explore all available options.  Often, we are able to reach agreements with tax agencies.  These agreements allow a business to to remain open, while working on outstanding tax liabilities.

Taxes and Bankruptcy

We are often asked about tax liabilities related to bankruptcy.  Sometimes, we see cases, where a client owes money after filing bankruptcy.  In these cases, we analyze the situation and determine a best course of action.

IRS and Illinois Department of Revenue Audits

Regularly, we represent individuals preparing for federal and/or state audits.  For example, we work with the taxing agency to identify and produce documents and information.  Sometimes, in certain situations, it is best for a taxpayer to not have direct contact with a  taxing agency.

Tax Law Expertise

In addition to the above, we have experience with the following matters pertaining to the Internal Revenue Service and the Illinois Department of Revenue.

  • Closing Down a Business
  • Levies Against Employers and Bank Accounts
  • Doubt as to Collectability
  • Doubt as to Liability
  • Bankruptcy and Taxes
  • Federal and State Audits
  • Breached Installment Payment Arrangements
  • Criminal Tax Cases
  • Joint Investigations

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