Real Estate Lawyers, Mt. Vernon, Illinois

Real Estate Sale Contract

We have been representing clients in Mt. Vernon and surrounding areas for years in regard to getting out of real estate sale contracts, enforcing real estate sale contracts, modifying or amending real estate sale contracts, and matters related thereto.

Construction Lawsuits

We are experienced litigators in regard to construction lawsuits. Areas of our practice include breach of contract, misrepresentation, fraud, and resulting damages.

Boundary Disputes

We have represented clients for years in regard to boundary disputes, including relating to easements, property rights of adjacent owners, issues involving title to property and related matters.

Title Issues

We often have clients that hire us to take care of title issues relating to real estate. This can be because there are concerns regarding chain of title, factors involving estate administration, improper or fraudulent transfers of real estate and matters related thereto.

Construction Lawsuits

We have experience representing parties in construction lawsuits, both Plaintiff and Defendants. We have represented individual owners and first-time buyers.

Foreclosure Defense

We have experience in the area of foreclosure defense, including representing individuals and businesses. This type of work can involve requesting the intervention of the Court, filing pleadings with the Court, and seeking Orders of Protection or other rulings from the Court, depending upon the facts and circumstances of the case.

Ownership Issues

We have been involved in ownership issues regarding real estate, including relating to ejectment, lawsuits to quiet title, adverse possession, prescriptive easements and other matters.

Subdivision Organization

We have represented homeowners organizations and subdivision organizations over the years. Sometimes disputes involve the developer, promises that were made and then not kept and disputes between board members and individual lot owners, or disputes between members.

For Sale By Owner

We provide representation from inception of the case through closing, such as negotiating a real estate sale contract, proper disclosure statements, including any lead-based or other issues, working with the title company to address any title issues, preparation of deeds and other documentation, and representation of the client at the actual closing.