Illinois Military Divorce Law

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Consistent with Illinois property division laws, the federal government has enacted the Uniformed Services for Former Spouse’s Protection Act (USFSPA) which governs how military retirement benefits are calculated and divided at the time of divorce.

Military Protection from Illinois Divorce Law

Under the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act, and subject to the Illinois Courts, a divorce proceeding may be postponed for the time the active service member is on duty and for a period of time thereafter.

Residency Requirements in Regard to Illinois Military Divorce Proceedings

A Military member or spouse must reside in Illinois or a military member or spouse must be stationed in Illinois, in general. There are exceptions and pursuant to Local Court Rules.

Military Members and Dynamics of Military Divorce Proceedings

Illinois is an equitable distribution state, which means that marital property is equitable divided between spouses in a divorce proceeding and property acquired by either spouse during the marriage is considered marital property. There are some that suggest that service members should offer a lump sum amount in exchange for the spouse waiving retirement benefits that are to be paid until death.

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