Family Law

Blake Law Group P.C., attorneys are experienced in Family Law matters.

Blake Law Group P.C., has vast experience representing clients in most areas of family law.  Commonly, family law issues include divorce, adoption, custody, child support, and marriage contracts.  In addition, we work cases involving DCFS and civil unions.  Our attorneys represent clients in Mt. Vernon, IL., as well as the greater 62864 area. 


Our attorneys have experience, successfully representing clients in contested and uncontested divorce.  We also have vast experience in litigation, including issues involving property, angry couple seeking divorcecustody, visitation, insurance, tax, maintenance and other matters.  Additionally, our  attorneys have represented fathers for years in contested and uncontested family issues.  Therefore, we understand the facts, strategies and nuances, in this area of the law.

We have decades of experience in handling military divorces.  As a result, we provide aggressive representation on behalf of our clients.  We help clients stationed at Scott Air Force Base (located in St. Clair County, Illinois) and other military installations throughout the United States and the world.  Often, military divorce involves special rules, related to property division, child support and other matters.

Regardless of who we represent, we provide timely, aggressive and effective representation.


Adoption cases are sensitive matters.  Sometimes, a client cannot locate the other natural parent.  Often, a natural parent is reluctant to agree to allowing an adoption to proceed. adoptionCommonly, clients seek expertise, navigating complex US and international adoption laws.

We have handled adoption cases for years, including complex areas where either, the court is unable to locate a natural parent, or they may reside in a foreign country.  Notably, to avoid future issues, we work through the Courts to properly handle adoption matters.

Therefore, our experienced attorneys can help solve these legal matters.

custody-fatherChild Custody

We aggressively and responsively litigate child custody cases.  Often, based upon the facts and circumstances of the case, we may take depositions, work with health and/or behavioral specialists, and conduct background checks.  Generally, we present this information to the Court, to support the best interests of the child.  In addition, we also work with mediators and/or a guardian ad-litems, to resolve areas of disagreement.

Child Support

Often, we represent clients to obtain current and back child support.  Additionally, we represent individuals to defend against unpaid child support claims, including by local or state agencies.  Frequently, this involves providing representation at contempt of court proceedings and other related matters.

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